RYDLYME – The solution to your water scale problems.

Water scale, lime, mud and rust deposits are a serious
problem for virtually all industries who use water as an
integral part of their manufacturing and heating/cooling
processes. Equipment or systems with clean water
passages operate in a designed and effective manner. Once
the water-based equipment or systems become fouled with
scale, efficiency decreases, energy costs increase and the
useful life of equipment is diminished. Failure to address
water scale problems in a timely manner runs the serious
risk of costly equipment or system shutdowns, repairs, or
even replacement.

Fortunately, there is a solution! Periodic RYDLYME
cleaning will dissolve these deposits into solution
restoring efficiency, conserving energy, extending the
equipment’s useful life and reducing the risk of costly
repairs, replacement or plant downtime. Arming your plant
and personnel with RYDLYME as an integral part of your
preventive or predictive maintenance program will provide
you with a weapon that is easy to use, efficient and safe.
RYDLYME cleaning allows equipment or systems to be
cleaned without labor intensive dismantling or removal.
Some systems can be cleaned on the run and without shutdown.
RYDLYME cleaning can be performed by utilizing
your own personnel, eliminating costly additional outside
expenses. RYDLYME works quickly and efficiently, with
most applications completely clean in a matter of hours.
RYDLYME is safe enough to hold in your open hand,
does not require any neutralizing or pacifying and is free
rinsing with water. RYDLYME has a pleasant odor and
does not exude any obnoxious or toxic vapors when
dissolving water scale, lime, or rust deposits.



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